Japan “Izakaya” Cruise

Japan “Izakaya” Cruise

Literally translated, Izakaya is a "sake shop in which to linger" – sake meaning Japan’s renowned rice wine. An “Izakaya” is a lively and informal eatery to be found in every Japanese village and town. Our newest culinary cruise takes you into the world of authentic Japanese cuisine,  with handmade gyoszas (delicious dumplings filled with ground meat and vegetables), seaweed salad and other specialities.  Also special at an “Izakaya” – although each guest selects his or her own meal, dishes are most commonly served as shared plates.


Day of the week  
Saturday 05.03 - 26.03.2022
08.10 - 29.10.2022


Door opens 19:05 h
Zürich Bürkliplatz dep 19:15 h
Zürich Bürkliplatz arr 21:30 h
Door closes 22:00 h


Cruise including multi-course menu (excluding beverages)

(from age 12)
CHF 85.00
(from age 6)
CHF 42.50

Valid only with a special ZSG ticket. No discounts


Menu: Japan "Izakaya" Cruise

Food and beverage menus for all Unique Cruises can be found under "Menus".


MS Albis

Die aktuell geplanten Einsätze stehen jeweils 4-5 Tage im Voraus zur Verfügung.

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