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Fun & Entertainment

A parade of pumpkins? Firework festivities? A Santa Claus who can swim? Take time to discover the many seasonal surprises on Lake Zurich. Our Dream Cruise highlights also include traditional Swiss folk entertainment. And a visit to a children's zoo where kids can connect with wildlife.

Disco Cruise

Dance till you drop.

Salsa Cruise

Swing and sway the salsa way.

Summer Brunch Cruise

Brunch with a view.

Build-your-Burger Cruise

The best burger you've ever tasted.

Sunset Cruise

17.30 hrs – our evening show.

Hot Stone Grill Cruise

Sunset attraction.

Country Cruise

Ahoy, cowgirl and cowboy!

80s Party Cruise

Time for retro.

German Hits Cruise

With Alpine panorama at sunset.

BBQ Cruise

A grand old lady and her lovers.

Knie Children's Zoo

Where wildlife and kids connect.

1 August Brunch

Swiss National Day attraction.

1 August cruise

Happy Birthday Switzerland!

Rompe Cruise

MS Latina.

Rapperswil-Jona Lake Festival

Firework festivities.

Murder Mystery Cruise

Murder on board.

Cheese Fondue Cruise

A "cheesy" choice.

Fondue Chinoise Cruise

A "must" culinary experience.

Late Riser Brunch

Dream on!

Silent Party Cruise

The Beat of the Lake.

Cruise to Lantern Festival

In praise of the pumpkin.

Tavolata Cruise

A wonderful winter evening.

Appenzell Music Cruise

It's fun and folksy.

Kids' Craft Cruise

Christmas shopping the easy way.

Santa Claus Cruise

Bringing gifts by boat.

Kids' Concert Cruise

Sing along with Ueli.

Beer & Dine Cruise

Beer at its best.

New Years Eve Cruise

Celebrating in style.

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