On board
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On-board information.

On board

Important-to-know when you travel on one of our boats. If you require further information, please contact us first. Or, if already on the boat, speak to one of our crew or service staff. We're happy to help you!

Do your boats operate in poor weather like snow, strong winds or fog?

Yes, our boats operate whatever the weather. In extreme stormy or foggy conditions, it can happen that individual trips are cancelled for reasons of safety. We thank you for your understanding.

Information about Lake Zurich

How deep is it? How long, how wide and how warm?  And what was the last time it was frozen? Click here for interesting facts and figures on Lake Zurich!

Electric sockets / Wi-Fi

On our motor vessels you will find a number sockets in the restaurant – on our steam vessels fewer sockets. Exactly where, you can find from the IT Plan on your chosen boat.

Under Allocation of boats you can find out which vessel is under way, to where and when.

For various reasons (for example, poor reception on the lake) we are not able to offer Wi-Fi access on our boats.

Excursion destinations around Lake Zurich

When you board one of our boats there's pleasure ahead. But getting off them too has its attractions. Because we take you to some of the most beautiful excursion destinations on Lake Zurich.

Smoking on board

Smoking is permitted only on open (outside) decks – where smokers are requested to use the wall-mounted ashtrays.

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