River cruise

River cruise

Zürich Limmatquai
via Bürkliplatz/Zürichhorn


05.04. - 18.10.20


Zürich Limmatquai
  • Space offer limited: 51 passengers maximum. No reservation
  • Transportation of children's prams only folded and at a limited number
  • Not wheelchair-accessible
  • Transportation of luggage limited
  • No transportation of bikes
  • No toilets on board
  • No restaurant no board
  • Restricted services: During excessively strong currents, lasting heat and major events river Limmat cruises may be restricted or suspended.

General information about River Limmat cruises

Fares (ZVV tariff)

  2nd class
Adults (from age 16) CHF 4.40
Children (from age 6),
Half-fare travelcard and dogs
CHF 3.10

Ticket purchase and further information:

From the ZSG ticket office at Zürich Bürkliplatz, the on-board cashier`s desk and all ZVV sales outlets.

Valid tickets and reductions on scheduled cruises:

- ZVV tickets, Z-Pass tickets and several national tickets are valid or will be credited

- GA travelcards, SBB day tickets, Junior travelcards, Children`s co-travelcards and identity cards for travellers for a disability are valid

- All-in-one tickets issued outside Switzerland are valid or will be credited

Detailed tariff regulation


Limmatquai ab 12:56
Storchen 13:00
Bürkliplatz 13:06
Zürichhorn 13:21
Bellevue 13:35
Landesmuseum an 13:45
Landesmuseum ab 13:50
Limmatquai an 13:56

Landing stage info

Information on all our 31 landing stages. How best to reach the boat (and back again). And all our timetables.


On-board menus vary from boat to boat. No food and beverages for sale on River Limmat boats.

Table reservation

Advance table reservations are possible only in our on-board restaurants.

If you do not wish to consume food and beverages, please select any non-reserved seat once you are on board.

Which boat where?

The planned schedule of all our boats can be accessed online four to five days in advance.

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