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Experience Zurich compact on our attractive "Mini Lake Cruise" – duration 55 minutes. This lower lake cruise is even more enjoyable with our Audio Guide App "ZSG Tour", available for the following systems:

  • Apple iOS
  • Google Android
New Offer

Mini lake cruise

  • Offer: Round cruise on lower Lake Zurich
  • Target groups: Day trippers, tourists
  • Duration: 55 minutes
  • Route at odd hours: Zürich Bürkliplatz ‒ Zürich Wollishofen ‒ Zollikon ‒ Tiefenbrunnen ‒ Zürichhorn ‒ Zürich Bürkliplatz
  • Route to even hours: Zürich Bürkliplatz ‒ Zürichhorn ‒ Tiefenbrunnen ‒ Zollikon ‒ Zürich Wollishofen ‒ Zürich Bürkliplatz
  • Departures: hourly
  • Operating hours: April to October

Connections: Short lake cruise and River cruise (summer only)

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