Round trips for groups
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Scheduled cruises for groups

Want to take a well-deserved break during your working day? We recommend a leisurely short trip from A to B. Or even a longer lake cruise. For groups we offer a wide choice of scheduled and round trips from Zurich, Rapperswil and other lake locations.

Reservation in restaurant

Reserving Lake Zurich Gastronomy:
Phone +41 44 487 13 13 or

Reservation without gastronomy

Groups of up to 19 persons

Please note that outside our on-board restaurants, seats cannot be reserved. If you wish to take a cruise without ordering food on board, you may select your seat once you are on the boat (reservation is not possible).

Groups of 20 or more persons

Please register your group with us as early as possible. For groups which are registered too late (or not at all) we cannot guarantee acceptance.

Please note that we cannot reserve seats. We guarantee acceptance of groups which are registered.

Maximum group sizes

The passenger capacities of our boats are limited. Please note that the following maximum group sizes must be observed:

  • Short round trip: 40 persons
  • Long round trip: 60 persons

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are happy to help: / Phone +41 44 487 13 35

Price examples

With more it costs less.

Groups of 10 or more persons can travel on all our scheduled routes and on the entire ZVV public transport network at attractive group prices. You can combine boat, bus, tram and train travel ­– and get on and off wherever you wish.

The prices of our most popular group travels:

Round trips from/to Zurich

  Required ZVV ticket Adults
(from age 16)
  Juniors (age 6 - 25),
Half-fare travelcard
and dogs
Short round trips Single ticket 110 + 140 + 150,
Day ticket 110 + 140,
Day ticket 110 + 150
CHF 6.00 2nd class CHF  3.10
Long round trips All zones CHF 40.00
CHF 24.40
1st class
2nd class
CHF 20.00
CHF 12.20

The Short round trip operates in 2nd class only. The above listed prices are valid for non-stop trips.

Single trip Zürich - Rapperswil

  Required ZVV ticket Adults
(from age 16)
  Juniors (age 6 - 25)
Half-fare travelcard
and dogs
Single trip
(or the other way around)
All zones CHF 20.00
CHF 12.20
1st class
2nd class
CHF 10.00
CHF 6.10

Upper lake cruise from/to Rapperswil

  Required ZVV ticket Adults
(from age 16)
  Juniors (age 6 - 25)
Half-fare travelcard
and dogs
Upper lake cruise from/to Rapperswil Day ticket 180 + 181 +
182 + 183 + 995 (Z-Pass)
CHF 24.00
CHF 13.60
1st class
2nd class
CHF 12.00
CHF 6.80

Your preferred trip isn't included here?

On the ZVV website you can find all group prices:

Fares Tickets and conditions – the most important information.
Zones The ZVV comprises different zones.
Tickets All ticket prices.

Discuss your requirements with us. We will be happy to provide you with a customized offer: or phone +41 44 487 13 35

Payment options
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