Lake Zürich Navigation Company

The Lake Zürich Navigation Company (ZSG) was founded in 1890/91 as the Lake Zürich Steamboat Company. It has had its current name since 1957.

You can find more information about the history of the ZSG here.

Today, the ZSG is a public limited company with a share capital of CHF 11 million. The share capital is divided into 110,000 bearer shares at CHF 100. Of these, 2/3 are owned by the public sector and 1/3 are privately owned. A general assembly is typically held for all shareholders at the end of June.

Since May 27, 1990, the ZSG has been the only navigation company entirely integrated into the Zürich Transport Network (ZVV). Consequently our costumers benefit from favourable zone rates.

The three branches of the ZSG

  • Boat tours and dreamboat rides (approx. 60% of turnover)
  • Private hire (approx. 25% of turnover)
  • Boat rental for exhibitions i.e. the Expovina (approx. 15% of turnover)


Further information about the ZSG can be found in our logbook.

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