The Lake Zürich Navigation Company (ZSG) employs around 80 year-round workers. In the summer we are joined by around five nautical seasonal workers who work primarily as sailors on the lake, and around seven employees who work at the Bürkliplatz shop.

In order to maintain our fleet, the ZSG needs qualified artisans like carpenters, painters, mechanics, electricians, plumbers and locksmiths. These artisans are recruited from the labor market and later trained internally as nautical employees. This offers them the opportunity for more variety and satisfaction in the workplace. In the summer, the boat workers consist mainly of sailors, treasurers, engineers and captains; in the winter, most of the vital work is done in the dockyard. There are no newcomers. Everyone starts as a sailor and then climbs the career ladder to become a machinist or captain. This training, from sailor to steamboat captain, can take up to 20 years.

In the winter, there is also plenty to do at the dockyard, where our employees are busy with their traditional crafts in the various departments. Here are some of the different departments’ tasks and figures.

Electrical Department

7 employees

  • Maintenance and reconstruction of all electrical installations
  • Installation and maintenance of audio systems
  • Maintenance of radio equipment

Every winter, the electrical department replaces

  • 350 bulbs
  • 209 meters of festive lighting
  • 120 plugs


13 employees

  • All internal and external paint work (ships and dockyard)
  • Putting up and dismantling of furnishings (for exhibitions)
  • Cleaning work – inspection and monitoring of inventory on the boat

Every winter, the painting department utilizes

  • 170 brushes, 160 rollers
  • 550 kg of white paint


17 employees

  • Installation and maintenance of particle filter systems
  • General maintenance work on the drive system
  • Ownership and maintenance of water treatment plants
  • Maintenance and testing of gas infrastructure
  • Maintenance of the heaters

The mechanics change 5200 liters of oil for our marine engines every winter, the equivalent of 1000 liters of car oil change.


9 employees

  • Maintenance of steam engines
  • Construction of various mounts, brackets and adapters
  • Replacement of various oxidized metal sheets, pipes and flanges

Every winter the locksmiths handle

  • 30 kg of welding wire
  • 250 liters of gas welding
  • 250 kg of aluminum
  • 1000 kg of steel


9 employees

  • Maintenance and rebuilding of wooden decks
  • Interior fittings of wheelhouses and cash counters
  • Wood refurbishment of salons
  • Furniture repair
  • Scaffolding

Every winter the carpenters handle about

  • 10m3 of certified tropical timber
  • 3500 screws

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